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An EPIC Surfing Experience for ALL!


EpicSurf® IS A REAL WAVE. Unlike sheet wave technology, this true deep water wave brings a customizable REAL SURFING experience to guests of all abilities.
From beginners learning to surf, to experts perfecting their tricks and turns, EpicSurf’s real wave surfing provides the ideal platform for creating the ULTIMATE SURF EXPERIENCE.


  • E. Energy Efficient Surf Wave Technology.
  • P. Proven History in Wave Design & Performance.
  • I. Inclusive Surfing for ALL.
  • C. Committed to Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Practice.
WE ARE PASSIONATE. about creating a compelling and safe surfing experience beyond the ocean while maintaining our commitment to environmentally friendly and sustainable practices for ALL abilities.


REAL SURFBOARDS Deep wave of water, use real fins, not just a thin sheet of water over a surface.

RAPID WAVE ADJUSTABILITY Ability to adjust the wave height from 3 - 5’ in just seconds, you can easily match the wave to each rider’s skill level.

REMOTE ACCESS CONTROLS Easily access your wave controls with flexible placement options to match any operational requirements.
DRAIN DRY SAFETY SYSTEM Surf area drains completely dry when powered off for enhanced safety, and less evaporation because no standing water.

RETRACTABLE TRAINING BARS Make learning to surf easy for everyone.
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FLEXIBLE DESIGN OPTIONS Ride surface is incrementally expandable in 8’ sections, starting at a width of 30’.
OPERATIONAL OPTIMIZATION Flexible pump design allows for consistent operation even during regular maintenance.
QUICK STOP START Stop or start the wave flow with just a push of a button.


LEARN TO SURF The easiest way to learn how to surf! With dual training bars, and rapid wave adjustability, you can tame the wave down for your beginner sessions to learn the fundamentals of surfing and get the feel for the power of the Epic wave.

INTERMEDIATE Whether your guests show up to the wave with a little surfing experience or they are back to improve their skills – EpicSurf is the perfect wave to improve your surfing technique. Practice your backside, your carving, your board handling.
ADVANCED/EXPERT Run a high-performance session for your most experienced of surfers! A great wave for practicing and perfecting aerial tricks, bomb drops, power carving and more!

SPECTATORS High action meets high spectator appeal with EpicSurf. With the right design for optimal viewing and deck capacity – your non-surfing guests will have just as much fun watching, eating and drinking!


WITH A WAVE THAT IS EASILY CUSTOMIZABLE For surfers of ALL abilities, your facility can host adaptive surfing clinics, therapy sessions, or host volunteer organizations to include even more of the community and grow the sport of surfing!
EQUIPMENT PACKAGE Includes (2) retractable training bars (for double the through - put of your beginner sessions) plus (20) EPICSURF approved surf boards.
RFID WRISTBAND TECH Track session time, number of rides, and rider stats, as well as provide access to photos, F&B, and retail purchases (*package pending).
MECHANICAL & FILTRATION PACKAGE Includes engineering and
design documents for installing all ride filtration and piping.


TURN KEY DESIGN AND BUILDOUT Of your entire project with customized site plans, drawings, and pricing.

  • UNDERSTANDING OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCIES You can maximize your surf venue for optimal profits!
  • PLACEMENT OF Food and beverage buildings, Retail outlets, lounge, changing, restrooms and viewing areas are all crucial for enhancing guest experience and your profits.
  • WORKING WITH An experienced aquatic design builder, can marry creative design and ideal function to achieve your business goals.


AQUATIC DEVELOPMENT GROUP (ADG) is the leading North American builder, designer, and manufacturer of water parks and waves, is headquartered in Upstate New York.
WITH OVER 125+ Sheet Waves and 500+ wave systems installed all over the world, we provide our clients with the newest advancements in wave generation technology.

WITH 50 YEARS AND 500+ WAVE POOLS & SYSTEMS to their credit, ADG is the undisputed leader in wave generation technology and wave pool design and construction.
ADG HAS SUCCESSFULLY developed, manufactured and installed more technological advancements to wave systems than any other company in the industry.
OUR PATENTED WaveTek® wave generation systems are the industry’s proven top performer powering over 90% of recreational wave system operation throughout North America.
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